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Kundan Jewelry Set Wholesale Manufacturer

1. Indian Kundan Jewelry Set wholesale exporter.
2. Finest quality of handmade finishing and long lasting plating
3. Brass alloy material used
4. Custom Designs
5. Preferred colors of crystal, stone
6. Kundan Set Contain: Necklace, Earrings and Headpiece jewellery
7. Visit to our Company website xportjewelry.com for more design

Company Details:
* For more Plating, design, product details and price list Email us on: emfex@emfex.com, emfex.fashions@gmail.com
* Skype: emfex.fashions
* WhatsApp: +91 99 33787478

Information About Fashion Kundan Jewelry Set:
Fashion kundan jewelry set is a structural framework of gold crafted in intricate details. The stone is set from the front using a foil of very high purity gold foil. For the purpose of setting a very thin foil is rolled in a mill, at such fine and low thickness gold becomes very pliable. Parts and pieces of this foil are pressed in cavities left around the stone, partly set with setting paste. By pressing layer after layer of gold, space around stone is slowly filled with solid gold, this pressing is done by a pointed tool that gives good pressure and negotiates tight corners to get a flush stone close setting.

Fashion kundan jewelry set has a well-defined geometry and amazing level of symmetry are achieved using rough shapes that may not be uniform and symmetrical like round brilliant cuts. Work requires excellent craftsmanship and clever arrangement of stones in their place to achieve an aesthetically pleasing composition.(Hindi, Gujarati- to make look beautiful) is a process of looking at composition before actual setting takes place.

Fashion kundan jewelry set is embellished with hard enamel typically red green and red blue colors. This makes back side of jewellery equally pleasurable to look at a feature that makes jewellery wearable from both sides, the backside may often be better than front Enamel also works as security feature for settings which gets disturbed if a stone is taken out and set again with a lower carat or inferior quality stone.

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