Golden plating jewelry earrings


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Golden plating jewelry earrings manufacturer exporter

1. A set of 6 pairs assorted mixed design
2. Finest quality of handmade finishing and long lasting plating
3. Copper alloy metal is used
4. Custom designs and plating could be made as per specifications
5. Contact us for more design, price lists and further business discussions.
6. Our jewelry website for more design

* Skype : emfex.fashions
* WhatsApp,viber: + 91 9933787478 ( Save this number for regular design updates & Discount offers)

Few words on Golden plated jewelry earrings
The mind-blow impact of the diversity and grace of golden plating jewelry earrings still remains. Jewellery, adornment of the human ear. It is served as a religion belief of keeping off evil to adding beauty to women. Jewellery never goes out of our life. Today, gold plated jewelry earrings industry development is reaching the peak that make us so impressive from luxurious delicately crafted designs jewelry to more common fashion jewelry, form of copper alloy metal jewelry to home made jewelry. Golden plating jewelry earrings are of different types of designs.

Golden plating jewelry earrings is the most popular jewelry that is favoured by its grace and elegance that can almost compare to the deluxe custom made jewelry. More importantly, its low price ensures it can be purchased readily by every people.Gold plated earrings of Indian plated industry brings to mind touch and timeless beauty and elegance.

Golden plating jewelry earrings have a range all over the world. The traditional and classical jewellery of India is known as Temple jewellery. Hand craft gold ornaments. These items of temple jewellery are very expensive due to the complicated hand work done by the craftsmen.This jewellery is the jewellery of Mughals and it includes precious gems and stones. Floral designs, animal and plant motifs were used in these types of jewels. Temple jewellery is associated with the dancers. Mina kari golden jewellery, transformation of Shah Jahan’s aesthetic vision to an art, is another famous category of Indian jewels

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