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cz finger rings Wholesale Manufacturer

1. cz jewelry rings manufacturer exporter
2. Manufacturing supports and flexibility
2. Metal : Brass Alloy
3. Plating Options : gold, silver, dual tone
4. Stone Colors : zircon stone color could be changed as per your preferences and availability.
5. More designs are available
6. Custom designs could be made for bulk and regular requirements
7. Visit to our Company website for more design

Company Details:
* For more Plating, design, product details and price list Email us on:,
* Skype: emfex.fashions
* WhatsApp: +91 99 33787478

Cz Rings
Buying acz finger rings is a wise financial choice for many couples. You get just about the same beauty and durability without the high prices and the worries. As a guy, there are several things you should consider when purchasing your ring, aside from the price. This guide will show you how to find the perfectcz stone rings.
Piece Size
The size of the piece definitely plays an important factor. With real gold and platinum jewelry, a thicker and larger piece would cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars more. With this in mind, generally the smaller the piece, the more believable it will look.

The setting style, like the stone cut, says alot about the person who wears it. Settings range from plain and simple metal, to extremely intricate, flowing designs that are set with many tiny stones. Again, in the world of cz finger rings where you are dealing with white gold and very high retail price for labor, the price difference between plain and fancy settings can be dramatic. On Jewelure cz finger rings we use silver instead of gold, and you we cut out the retail store middleman. This means that the price won’t be much different for fancy or plain. When deciding on the setting style, you’ll want to consider the line of work of the bride to be, her fashion style, and her personality. For example, she may not want to wear an over the top, fancy looking ring if she is the more low key type that dresses casually.

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