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1. costume Bridal Jewelry set wholesale exports
2. Manufacturing Supports
3. Custom Designs
4. Copper alloy material are used
5. Preferred colors of crystal, stone
6. Bridal Set Contain: Necklace, Long set, Tiara headpiece, Nose rings, slave bracelet
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More information about costume Bridal Jewelry Set:
Wedding ensemble to complement and enhance your natural beauty, not compete for attention. That is why most experts recommend wearing simple costume Bridal Jewelry. What should your jewelry ensemble consist of? That depends on your hair and dress. Here are some tips to help you pull it all together.

Earrings : costume Bridal Jewelry earrings chandelier or dangle earrings can look wonderful look, but can become tangled if you wear your hair down. If your dress is elaborate, keep the earrings simple. Popular choices for a formal wedding include pearl studs, diamonds, and crystal solitaire earrings.

Hair Jewelry : Tiaras, hairpins, combs, and decorated headbands can all add interest and glamour to your wedding hair. If you choose an eye-catching piece, such as a crown-like tiara, let this be the central element in your jewelry ensemble. A subtle piece, like a pearl comb, can complement more elaborate jewelry.

Back jewelry : You can enhance the look of a backless or low-cut gown by wearing a back drop, backwards strands of opera-length pearls, or lariat. This also adds more interest for the guests during the ceremony.

Necklace or pearls : The costume Bridal Jewelry set necklace can be bold (to complement a simple wedding dress) or delicate (to balance the look of an elaborate gown). If your gown has an interesting neckline, you may want to go without. Keep in mind that different lengths work best with different necklines. Generally, leave a gap between the neckline and necklace. Alternately, you can wear long pearls or a necklace below the neckline if your dress is unadorned.

Wrist wear : Unless your dress is strapless, the general rule is to keep hands and wrists unadorned (except for the wedding ring set, of course). Or, wear a delicate bracelet as an accent piece. Too much “going on” around your wrists or hands will distract attention away from you and the gown, and fragment the look. The strapless gown is the exception. A cuff or other substantial bracelet can enhance bared shoulders and arms. Earrings, necklace, hair jewelry, back jewelry, and bracelet. Wear all, some, or none. But keep in mind that together they should create a balanced look. Most importantly, the jewelry ensemble should reflect you and your personal style.

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